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Driving our children to and from school everyday for 18 years

You've probably seen mini yellow school buses around town. Denton Christian Preschool is proud to say they're the only preschool program in Denton that provides free transportation to and from school within the Loop 288 area. This is to ensure transportation is not a reason why preschool aged children can't get a head start before kindergarten. For this week's Staff Spotlight we'd like to introduce one of our bus drivers, Darrell Pitt.

DCP bus driver, Darrell Pitt

Mr. Darrell is dedicated and dependable. He's been driving our buses to and from school and taking our children on field trips for 18 years! He loves our children and says them and our staff are his motivation to get up bright and early each morning.

Being with us for this long means the first couple of students he drove around are now in college and every now and then he'll find former students still in the Denton area when he walks into a fast food restaurant.

"I walked into a Wendy's the other day and the young lady working there asked 'Mr. Darrell, is that you?' and I couldn't believe she was a former student, much less that she still remembered me," Mr. Darrell said. "It's great seeing former students because I see them all grown-up."

Mr. Darrell is a U.S. Marine Veteran. If you ever want to show your appreciation for Mr. Darrell, you can treat him to a bucket of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream, or get him talking about them Cowboys or UT Longhorns - his favorite football teams!

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