Serving Denton for 49 Years

Denton Christian Preschool, or DCP, is a United Way agency founded in 1970 by individuals from 17 churches in Denton who believed the first few years of a child’s life are the most crucial developmental years. Since then, dedicated professionals and volunteers have taught, fed, loved, and nurtured 2,718 three and four-year-olds who are considered to be at-risk of succeeding in public school without DCP's early intervention. DCP is committed to developing the skills and meet the needs of children, allowing them to enter kindergarten at or above grade level and continue their success in school and life.


Denton Christian Preschool's name of origin comes from the love and concern churches in the area had for preschool education. Although Denton Christian Preschool is housed within the First Presbyterian Church, we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 agency with no ties to any faith community. Denton Christian Preschool does not discriminate based on race, national origin, political belief, disability, color, religion, age, or gender.

Our Mission

Denton Christian Preschool's mission is to prepare at-risk preschool children for success in school and life.

"The School that Love Built"

Our Philosophy Statement

o We believe the school must nurture the whole child—physically,    intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

o We believe that children learn best in a safe, loving, and              challenging environment.

o We believe that educational experiences for young children must include the family.

o Our goal is to help children maintain and develop a love for learning and lasting life skills.

o We believe that the best preparation for tomorrow is a good today.

Meet our staff

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I've been employed at DCP for 17 years and 8 years as the Director. I love watching children learn new and exciting things every day. Making a difference in a positive way in a child's life is priceless.


Alicia Blanca


This is my third year at DCP. This is where my educational career began, and now I'm a Grad student at the University of North Texas. I look forward to meeting your child and assisting you in providing a quality education for them.

Interim Office Assistant

Anahi Blanca


This will be my second full year at DCP, and I have the pleasure of cooking for your child on a daily basis. I've been working in the food industry since I was 16. I look forward to this new school year and hope it's full of new adventures.

School Chef

Erika Velazquez


I've been at DCP for 19 years. I love the children and the hard-working staff here. It makes it enjoyable to come to work every morning!

Bus Driver

Darrell Pitt


This is my 4th year with DCP, and I love being around the children. They're at that age in which they are curious about the world around them and it's delightful hearing all the things they come up with!

Bus Driver

Luis Hernandez


I'm starting my 21st year at DCP. This school is literally built on love for young children and it has been that way for the last 49 years. I love to teach young children here!

Bilingual Teacher

Janie Porras


This is my fourth year at DCP. I love that I get the opportunity to encourage the growth and development of young minds.


Denisse Martinez


This is my second year at DCP, and I have nine years of experience in education. I love my job because I get to experience something new every day even when the schedule is the same.


Sabrina Rabinovitz


This is my second year with DCP. I love the hard work and commitment the staff here has to prepare students for success in their education. I am so excited to put my talent and skills to work and continue to see DCP flourish from a marketing perspective.  

Marketing & Fundraising VISTA

Zuleima Melendez


This will be my first full year at DCP. Seeing the happy children every morning and when they sing in the afternoon is what I like about working here because the energy is contagious!

Bus Driver

Kyle Robinson

Our Board

President:      Judy Giese

V. President:  Juan Gloria

Treasurer:      Bob Michaelsen

Secretary:      Christine Beatty

                       Maggie Dodd

                       Cynthia Gill

                       Gloria Thomas

                       Aida Urquidez

                       Peggy Widmer



Tel: 940-383-3332 | Fax: 940-383-8223


Monday - Friday

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

School Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Denton Christian Preschool was founded in 1970 and has thrived ever since.

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1114 West University Dr. Denton TX 76201


Housed within the First Presbyterian Church

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