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"Providing early childhood education is important for school readiness and the educational success of individuals." - DCP Donor

As children grow into early childhood, their world will begin to open up. They will become independent and begin to focus more on adults and children outside of the family. They will want to explore and ask about the things around them. Their interactions with family and those around them will help to shape their personality and their own ways of thinking and moving. During this stage, children should be able to ride a tricycle, use safety scissors, notice a difference between girls and boys, help to dress and undress themselves, play with other children, recall part of a story, and sing a song.



  • Positively affects brain structure

  • A child develops a desire to learn 

  • An early start to positive emotional and social development

  • Receives daily playtime to begin healthy physical activity

  • Learns discipline and structure

  • Has a basic understanding of reading and math skills

  • Overall better academic achievement for all socioeconomic levels

Parents, click here for more information and statistics about preschool education and what that means for your child.



are the most crucial years for developmental growth. Different milestones throughout the development stages are crucial to ensure children are ready to begin kindergarten at or above grade level. Milestones include:

Physical Skills

  • climbs well

  • walks up and down the stairs alternating feet

  • kicks ball

  • runs easily

  • pedals tricycle

  • bends over without falling

  • can hold a pencil

Social Skills

  • imitates adults and playmates

  • show affection for familiar playmates

  • can take turns in games

  • understands "mine" and "his/hers"

Cognitive Thinking

  • makes mechanical toys work

  • matches an object in hand to picture in a book

  • plays make-believe

  • sorts objects by shape and color

  • completes 3-4 piece puzzles

  • understands the concept of "two"

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