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the need for preschool education in our community is crucial to the growth and development of future generations

According to the 2017 UnitedWay Community Needs Assesment, in the 2015-2016 DISD school year, 62% of students did not attend pre-k the previous year. This automatically puts children at a disadvantage over other classmates who did receive a quality preschool education. Many low-income children in the Denton community do not have the opportunity to attend preschool for various reasons and are then categorized as "at-risk" due to the following factors:

     - family income

     - a single-parent household

     - a parent's level of education

     - language barriers

     - abuse or violence in a household

     - the age of the parent(s) when they had their child

     - incarcerated parent(s)

     - or the child to parent ratio in a household.

Denton Christian Preschool exists to make sure at-risk children are given the opportunity to reach his/her potential and be kindergarten ready by providing a preschool program consisting of five components: Developmentally appropriate learning activities in a classroom setting; transportation to and from school; homemade nutritious meals and snacks; medical, dental, speech, and other diagnostic screenings and referrals; and monthly parenting events.

Your gift will help us to ensure we can continue to provide these services so developmental milestones are achieved and our children are well-equipped for school and life. Learn more here.






If at-risk children do not get a quality preschool education, 

  • 25% are more likely to drop out of high school

  • 40% are more likely to become a teen parent

  • 60% are more likely to not go to college

  • 70% are more likely to be arrested for a violent crime

According to Early Childhood Education Zone

"Denton Christian Preschool serves the children who otherwise would not receive education, nourishment, or health assessments." - Carmen Rivera-Worley

The Impact of Your Donation​

  • $15 - Provides books for the early literacy program.

  • $25 - Provides supplies for a student for the entire school year.

  • $30 - Provides one week of education for a Tu & Th low-income student.

  • $45 - Provides one week of education for a MWF low-income student.

  • $50 - Provides one week of transportation for a low-income student.

  • $75 - Provides parenting education for one month, for all parents.

  • $100 - Provides a full week of education for a student.

  • $300 - Provides the students with an outdoor learning experience, through a field trip.


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Denton Christian Preschool was founded in 1970 and has thrived ever since.

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