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Denton Christian Preschool offers developmentally age-appropriate learning activities that educate and challenge our children. Our new theme-based curriculum offers a new and exciting way to teach children the basics while keeping them engaged with new topics incorporated each week. It includes phonics, sight words, and interactive technological learning tools such as tablets and watching educational videos on newly acquired projectors. We introduce vocabulary & literacy skills, ESL, teaching socialization, behavioral skills and follow the public school structure. Our children practice core skills that prepare them to be at or above grade level when they begin kindergarten such as:


  • Science concepts through the use of simple tools and asking questions that help guide them through discovery and introduces them to critical thinking.

  • Learn and practice good handwashing in the classroom at various times throughout the day.

  • Experience writing opportunities every day and are provided with a wide variety of materials to choose from.


At DCP, we're proud to say we are a quality preschool program you can count on to make sure your child begins his/her steps toward success.


According to the Detroit Free Press, here are 5 characteristics that you should look for in a quality preschool center, which also aligns with DCP's daily efforts:

1) Routine 

2) Space for learning

3) A Safe Space

4) Engaged Teachers

5) Space to cool down 

Quick facts

  • We are:

    • accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) for Early Childhood Education.

    • considered a licensed daycare by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS).

    • a Child Care Services (CCS) Provider.

  • Our program supports the Texas Rising Star (TRS) measures.

  • We have completed the Educational First Steps self-study program.

  • DCP offers the only early education program taught by bilingual teachers who have either a bachelor's degree or advanced teaching certification


DCP has three program options to fit your child's needs and yours. The Tuesday/Thursday program is for three-year-olds and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday program is for four-year-olds. We also have an all-week option for both ages. Our school day runs from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. For more information, click the Enrollment Information and Tuition tabs.


DCP owns three buses equipped with booster seats and seat belts.

DCP serves all of Denton County, but can only offer transportation to and from the preschool for those who live in the Denton city proper area on Loop 288 and I-35. Bus Routes run 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Transportation to and from field trips are included in tuition costs.


DCP has an in-house kitchen to cook homemade meals. We provide children with a nutritious breakfast, hot lunch (never frozen foods), and an afternoon snack. Children with food allergies and dietary needs are accommodated accordingly.  


DCP kids sing along to welcome and thematic songs and interact with musical instruments once a week during group time or centers. We also have a volunteer who comes in every week to teach our children songs and play instruments.


DCP takes educational field trips to museums, zoos, farms, & other fun zones for children. Field trips are included in tuition and are at no additional cost.


DCP encourages healthy habits including daily exercise. We offer 30 minutes in the morning & 30 minutes in the afternoon of playtime on our outdoor playground weather permitting. We do have a gym that the children play in during inclement weather.


DCP provides cots that were generously funded by the Denton Benefit League. DCP sets aside a 45 minute rest period for the children to nap or relax quietly.


DCP children go on a monthly trip to the Denton North Branch Public Library for storytime and a puppet show. We also have a member of our board volunteer to read to our children every Friday morning.

DCP hosts monthly parent nights where parents can interact with the teachers and guest speakers we bring to provide additional resources for families. We have holiday luncheons, birthdays and snack opportunities for parents to participate in. 

Security is extremely important to DCP. We practice safety and fire drills each month. We've incorporated a fingerprint sign in & sign out for parents to pick up their children. As an added measure, each child has a designated list of people that are allowed to pick up or drop off the child. We've installed a new security system that will only allow authorized personnel in the building during operating hours.

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