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Denton Christian Preschool is excited to join the #GivingTuesday movement for the first time

With windy cold days and Thanksgiving around the corner, the season of giving will soon be upon us. As we start preparing a list of gifts for our loved ones and making plans to make those early Black Friday deal runs and have two windows up on our computer screens displaying our shopping carts on Cyber Monday, let’s not forget about our online presence on Giving Tuesday the next day.

So, what exactly is Giving Tuesday? It’s the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday where you can give online to different organizations. #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season and the focus is the holiday and end-of-year giving. This is a great opportunity to help us raise funds via our website, so that is why Denton Christian Preschool is excited to join the #GivingTuesday movement for the very first time!

Giving Tuesday is a global online movement powered by the use of social media, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer fundraising. However, I do not want you to feel intimidated. The first time I brought this up at work everyone looked at me like I was speaking nonsense, but don’t worry because it’s actually very simple.

Crowdfunding is when an organization creates a fundraiser on an online platform and accumulates small amounts of donations through various supporters.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is leveraged through supporters whether it be board members, staff, volunteers, and friends from the community acting as ambassadors fundraising on behalf of an organization and spread the word through social media.

What does Denton Christian Preschool do for our community?

Denton Christian Preschool’s mission is to prepare at-risk children for success in school and life. Watch this short video on the importance of our work and how we’ve impacted the lives of many three and four-year-old children in the Denton community since 1970.

As usual, Denton Christian Preschool’s fundraisers are aimed to raise funds to offset tuition costs for our children’s families and maintain tuition rates fairly low. We have a tuition sliding scale and work one-on-one with our families to ensure cost is not a reason why our children can’t attend DCP. Years back we offered our services at no cost, but due to decrease funding, we were forced to charge tuition that has slowly increased over the years. Not to mention we’ve seen a decrease in monetary and in-kind donations as well as volunteers that help us meet the daily needs of our children and teachers. For a nonprofit that relies on 70% of its budget coming from private donors, this is a very frightening situation that will affect the number of children we serve in the community for years to come. This can put them at a disadvantage over his/her classmates when they begin kindergarten in the public-school system.

The goal

Denton Christian Preschool has three-time slots for its children to attend school, T & Th, MWF, and an all week option. The all week option costs $100 per child and we currently have 17 children we serve all week. We'd like to relieve the financial burden of our lower income families by providing for these students.

How can I help Denton Christian Preschool raise funds?

Social media sharing is such a powerful tool we can use to our advantage when raising awareness about our fundraisers because it will allows us to maximize our fundraising profit by you sharing this. With the click of a button, you not only have the chance to donate, but you can also spread the word through social media!

Denton Christian Preschool has its #GivingTuesday fundraiser at through Fundrazr, a fundraising platform. We are very excited to be taking part in this charitable day and we hope that you join us. It is because of you that we will be able to continue our mission within the community. Please consider contributing to our mission through a donation or by sharing this blog and the fundraiser page!

Thank you for your support!

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