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DCP Director: More than what the job description entails

We'd love for you to get to know us and why we love what we do here at Denton Christian Preschool. Our first Staff Spotlight goes to our Director, Alicia Blanca.

Denton Christian Preschool Director, Alicia Blanca

Mrs. Alicia has been working at Denton Christian Preschool for 17 years, however, her involvement goes back as early as when she was 5 years old! She's been a sibling, parent, volunteer, board member, and staff of DCP. It's no wonder why she has so much love and compassion for what she does whether it be driving a school bus, putting on an apron and making meals in the kitchen, or teaching a classroom when a teacher is out sick.

"I love watching children learn new and exciting things, it's very rewarding. Making a difference in a child's life is priceless," Mrs. Alicia said

Mrs. Alicia is a very busy mom of four beautiful daughters, three of which are young adults. She's been married for 26 years and she's always willing to lend a helping hand. Her family is her priority. Dino, her Yorkie, is also another member of the family. Mrs. Alicia loves authentic Mexican food and you can catch her crafting when she's not busy using her Cricut Crafter!

"Hey, if I can make it, I will!"

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