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Work-study year two!

We'd love to introduce you to our second work-study! This week's Staff Spotlight goes to Justin Harding.

This is Justin's second year working at DCP. Initially, Justin's interest in working at DCP started out as an opportunity to explore career options and experience both the nonprofit and classroom environments. However, it quickly became something else for him.

"I really enjoy working here," Justin said. "Getting to see and interact with like-minded people who strive to make a difference in the lives of kids is so inspiring."

Justin is a Houstonian where he lives with his mom. Here, he is a proud dad of two dogs. When Justin is not in school or at work, Justin likes to go bowling and rollerskating with his friends and his girlfriend. He is also a huge boxing and MMA enthusiast, so if you ever want to have a conversation with someone about that, Justin in your guy!

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