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A teacher in the making

This week's Staff Spotlight goes to our third work-study, Alyssa DeLeon.

This is Alyssa's first year with us at DCP. Alyssa has always enjoyed working with kids and wants to be a teacher after she graduates college. She saw DCP as a great place to start her experience working in a classroom setting.

"I love getting to know all the kids and working with the staff and other work-studies," Alyssa said. "They all make working here enjoyable every day."

Alyssa is a UNT student majoring in Art Education. She hopes to incorporate some of her knowledge acquired in her classes into our DCP classrooms and encourage creativity and individualism through art. Alyssa's favorite hobby is rock climbing. In her free time, you can find Alyssa eating out with friends especially at her favorite spot, Seven Mule Cafe. If you don't find her here, she'll be at West Oak cafe or relaxing on her couch!

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