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Mrs. Babina, we're so lucky to have you this year!

With a new year, comes changes and improvements that will help us reach accreditation. All our teachers helped develop our new curriculum, but one this was not one of our teacher's first rodeo. This week's Staff Spotlight goes to our third teacher, Sabrina Rabinovitz.

Sabrina Rabinovitz, DCP teacher

Mrs. Sabrina or Mrs. Babina like our children call her, began her first year with us this summer. Although it's only been a short ride, Mrs. Sabrina has plenty of experience in education, eight years to be exact, and four of those as a pre-k teacher.

As mentioned before, DCP teachers put their input into the development of the new curriculum we now have in place for the new school year, and Mrs. Sabrina definitely brought in new ideas. These ideas include new songs for our children to learn, as well as interactive learning to make use of the technology we now have at hand in the classrooms. Before coming to DCP, Mrs. Sabrina was at Tenderfoot Child Development Center, a center for district employees from Sanger ISD where they could enroll their children while they worked for the district. The center lacked an established curriculum program so she took it upon herself to create the pre-k curriculum.

Mrs. Sabrina knows from experience that you can spend a lot of time creating lesson plans and making sure activities stay on time during the allotted times given for center time, circle time, etc. but it never becomes a boring routine.

"I love my job because I get to experience something new every day," Mrs. Sabrina said. "We may have the same schedule, but every day is different."

Mrs. Sabrina has been married for 14 years and is a mother of three children, has three grandchildren, and has two dogs - Bruin and Patriot. Her hobbies include reading and making crafts. She's interested in sports, her family and having fun with friends, oh and did we mention she LOVES Mexican food?

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