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No need for bus sing-a-longs when you have children amusing you with their stories!

We'd love for you to get to know us and why we love what we do. This week's Staff Spotlight goes to our second bus driver, Luis Hernandez.

DCP bus driver, Luis Hernandez

This is Mr. Luis' third year working at DCP. His daughter, Araceli, used to work at DCP and gave him the referral to become one of the bus drivers. Mr. Luis enjoys driving the children to and from school because he gets to hear everything they share with him. "They're at that age in which they are curious about the world around them and it's delightful hearing all the things they come up with," said Mr. Luis. "As crazy as some things may sound, they're just kids with a big imagination and hearing them speak on and on makes my day!" As mentioned, one of his daughters referred this job to Mr. Luis. She is the oldest of his three children, who all together gave him six grandchildren! Mr. Luis happily told us him and his wife's 48th wedding anniversary was yesterday, and we're sure they'll celebrate by going to Las Vegas as they usually go to about three times per year. When Mr. Luis isn't at work, he loves to play tournament and poker games on his phone. His favorite dish is a breaded fish filet with lots of fries!

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